About Inauguration Scrapbook


This site was built over a couple of days right after the 2009 presidential inauguration by a group of Obama-supporters/friends in various states. We were unable to make it to D.C for various reasons but still wished to engage in the moment. There are many (infact millions!) of other people that wished to make it to D.C., but were unable due to family, work, and other obligations. We therefore created this site for anyone to share, view, and vote on images capturing that special series of days. Whether you were in D.C. or not, you probably did something special. Yes, YOU! Because really, this was the people's election.

Some people went to the local park to freeze our buns and watch the ceremony on jumbotrons with warmth of other supporters. Some partied throughout the whole weekend and others stayed home to bake Obama Cookies. Whatever you did or saw, if you think it is interesting at all, please share it with everyone. With a set of public Flickr or Picasa images, simply enter the associated id and select the most awesome images. From there, you can see all the images on which people can vote up or down.

Enjoy the Citizen Journalism Photography!

Email us at: info (at) inaugurationscrapbook.com
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